covid-19 & alice part 2

In last week’s blog on discovering ALICE we answered the question, “Who is ALICE?” and the various challenges facing these individuals and households amid the COVID-19 mitigation efforts in Ottawa County. To continue this series on ALICE in part 2 we discuss the assistance ALICE may receive during the crisis, and what you can do to help an individual or household in your community who falls in the ALICE category.

Government Actions to Assist ALICE:

The federal government has provided relief to households amid the job losses via a stimulus check and unemployment benefits. Housing regulations such as a hold on evictions along with banking relief measures are the ways the government assists ALICE individuals and households. See a summary below:

-Immediate Income to Offset Ongoing Bills

  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Cash Payment Assistnace (stimulus check)


  • Paid sick leave
  • Coverage for health expenses


  • Rent/mortgage freezes
  • Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures

-Debt & Credit Cards

  • Relief for student loans
  • Suspend credit card late fees

-Jobs to Go Back to

  • Small businesses
  • Industry bailouts
  • Work programs

Business Actions to Assist ALICE:

Businesses in Ottawa County have the ability to assist ALICE through various categories of assistance.

-Jobs Both Present & Future

  • Job-share, flexible hours, shift rotations
  • Safety measures, new cleaning protocols
  • Work-from-home support and technology
  • Increase in hourly rate for essential workers
  • Provide free back-up care for dependents
  • Continue to pay during closed/suspended service

-Health Care

  • Paid and unpaid sick leave
  • Paid leave for workers in risk groups
  • Maintain health insurance

-Internet Companies

  • Access to internet and technology

-Community Support

  • Relief funds
  • Food bank support, beverages, meals
  • Supplies for health care professionals

What YOU can do: Action For ALICE:

Now it is time to discuss what you can do for ALICE individuals and households in Ottawa County.

-Make the case for ALICE in your community

Social Media: @United4ALICE on Twitter and Facebook

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